Refinance Loans

Use current interest rates to put more money in your pocket.

Mortgage rates are a roller coaster ride in an ever changing market. Lower your house payment and get the money you need to do home improvements, pay off high interest rate credit cards and more. Refinance your home and take advantage of current interest rates. By using your home equity, you may be able get a loan that doesn’t require private mortgage insurance, putting hundreds of dollars back in your pocket.

You get great benefits when you refinance your loan with Integrity First Lending. See if you can lower your overall loan amount by taking out a shorter loan, or get out from under your mortgage insurance. If you have an adjustable rate mortgage, you can get a fixed rate and stop the balloon payments, building equity faster. Or just get a new loan with a lower mortgage rate and pay off debt.

When you pre-qualify, Integrity lending gives you an up-front credit approval on your loan, with a quick and easy closing. Our experts have the integrity and the experience to get you the best loan to refinance you home.

Get an FHA loan, and use your good credit to get a better interest rate with lower payments. Get tips on great FHA loans with Integrity First Lending.

If you are a veteran, you may be able to refinance up to 100% of your loan without the expense of private mortgage insurance. Making your refinance more important than ever. If you have a VA loan you can lower your interest rate, take out cash on your home, now is the time to call Integrity lending. You served your country, put home buying power in your hands.

By using a conventional loan, you can shorten your mortgage to a 15-year loan and shorten your interest paid. Or you can lower your current payment and put money back in your pocket. Use your great credit score to get an even better deal.

Pre-Qualify for Your Perfect Loan

Many people are interested in learning about today’s rates, and we’d rather provide you an accurate estimate rather than a general listed rate on our website that could be misleading. This super easy form helps us provide a customized and accurate quote tailored to your specific situation.